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We  have  a  wide customer base, which includes wineries, breweries, mining firms,  and the manufacturers of food products such as edible oils, glucose and sugar. Infigro Natural Technologies also sell a variety of filteraid products that are not derived from perlite, including:


Dicalite - a diatomaceous earth filteraid

Vitiben - a bentonite sedimentation aid


Infigro Natural Technologies offers technical filtration consultation services, and can deliver superior advice on any filtration process.  Our technical teams can perform tests on-site to determine the best product for your purposes. 



To establish the quantity of Filtraflo® to mix as precoat slurry, use a volume equal to the volume of competitive filteraid previously used(approximately bag for bag versus diatomites).


If a diatomite has previously been used, determine proper Filtraflo® precoat batch weight by multiplying the known precoat batch weight of the competitive diatomite material by the weight usage factor in the density characteristics table in the Filtraflo® brochure. This calculation will determine the weight of Filtraflo® which will provide an equal volume of disposable filter medium to replace the competitive diatomite.


Consistency in the rate of precoat application is of paramount importance in rotary vacuum filter precoating. Consistency in rate of precoat growth maximizes precoat uniformity.


When the following conditions are allowed to vary the precoat application rate will vary: (1) concentration of filteraid solids in the filterbed slurry; (2) submergence level of drum in filterbed slurry; (3) speed of drum rotation in filterbed slurry; (4) vacuum airflow volume in use.


Best results in applying Filtraflo® to a rotary vacuum precoat filter are achieved when using 2-4% filteraid solids concentration by weight of slurry, well-agitated precoat slurry tank, constant precoat slurry liquid level in filterbed (preferably submerging drum to approximately 10% of drum diameter), drum rotation speed at approximately 1 RPM and constant vacuum airflow volume at 20 m3/hour per m2 of filterdrum surface.


Every effort should be made to ensure that the value of each of the above parameters is held constant. Varying any factor will change the deposition rate of the surface layers of the precoat. Dissimilarity in deposition rate causes dissimilarity in the thickness and hence the firmness of adjacent layers within the precoat.


Variations in thickness and firmness between adjacent layers of the precoat cause variations in resistance to vacuum force, variable permeabilities to liquid flow, and unequal resistances to precoat cake compression forces. This unequal resistance effect can be characterized as layering, or soft-hard variations by strata. When excessive, it can cause cracking in any precoat. When desired precoat thickness has been achieved, maximum precoat firmness is assured by allowing filtered liquor solids to deposit on the precoat surface, compressing the precoat fully before advancing the knife to begin cutting.

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